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The HOBY Texas Gulf Chapter Leadership Seminar weekend is right around the corner! We have a great program lined up for you this year. Our program will challenge you, entertain you, make you think – and open your heart and mind to the world around you. We want you to succeed in becoming the leader that we know you are! With everything that we have planned for you, we guarantee you’ll have fun, too!

Please make sure your registration fee is completely paid and ALL paperwork and forms are submitted before May 31st! Contact Audri Reyna ( to confirm that you are in good standing if you are uncertain.

Let’s get ready for HOBY weekend! This page contains information about the following (you can download a PDF version here):

  1. Seminar Check-in

  2. Room Key Deposit

  3. Ambassador Availability During the Seminar

  4. HOBY Packing List

  5. Undies For Everyone Donation Drive

  6. Community Service Forms/Waivers

  7. HOBY Store Sneak Preview

  8. Closing Ceremony & Pickup Information

  9. Final Comments

  10. Driving Directions


Seminar Check-In

Ambassador check-in is on Friday, June 7, between 7:00 a.m. and 8:15 a.m. Ambassadors should be dropped off at the University of Houston Moody Towers at 4401 Cougar Village Dr.

Room Key Deposit

At check in, all ambassadors will be given a key for their room in the University of Houston Cougar Village residence halls. To receive their key, all ambassadors must provide a $30 room key deposit at check-in to cover potential lost key charges from the University of Houston. The deposit should be in the form cash or check (made out to HOBY Texas Gulf Coast) in an envelope labeled with your full name and high school name. Your deposit will be returned on Sunday afternoon upon returning your room key. You will also have the option of donating your room key deposit to HOBY Texas Gulf Coast.


Ambassador Availability During the Seminar

Cell phone use will only be allowed during breaks and after the conclusion of organized activities each night. Unsanctioned use of your cell phone will result in confiscation of your phone. We suggest that you notify your friends in advance that you will be out of touch for those few days.


For parents: If you wish to contact your child during the seminar, we recommend you first call our Leadership Seminar Chair, Dave Rubin, at 281-685-1295 between the hours of 7am and 11pm. He will be onsite and available throughout the seminar weekend.


Friends and guests are not permitted to visit the campus during the weekend under any circumstances. Students are not permitted to leave the seminar until the end of the Closing Ceremony on Sunday. The days are completely filled with activities and are not done until late in the evening, when it is time to rest for the following day’s activities.  


HOBY Packing List

Read below for information on what to bring with you to the seminar.

​​For Your Room

  • Room Key Deposit - Please bring $30 in cash or check (made out to HOBY Texas Gulf Coast) in an envelope labeled with your name + high school.

  • Bedding - We supply the bed and mattress, you bring the rest. We recommend twin-size sheets and blanket or a sleeping bag. Don't forget your pillow!

  • Towel(s) & washcloth - No explanation needed​.

  • ​Personal Toiletries - Whatever it takes to keep you feeling your freshest throughout the weekend (e.g., shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, personal care products).

  • Alarm Clock - Do people still have alarm clocks? The alarm app on your phone will work too. Wouldn't you rather wake up to some pleasant music and not the sound of us knocking on your door?


For The Activities
  • Self-addressed, stamped envelope - This will be used during one of our activities (but we can't tell you how just yet).

  • Paper/notebook, pens/pencils​ - Handy for note taking, idea sharing, and general doodling.​

  • Sunscreen and bug repellent - It will be summer in Houston and you’ll be outside at some point. Need we say more?

  • Spending money - ​Not required, but recommended. Consider bringing around $35 for optional expenses such as a group photo ($10) and great HOBY Store merchandise.


For You
  • Clothing (General)

    • We want you to be comfortable throughout the seminar so we have a summer casual dress code. Just not too casual. No tank tops, mid-drift shirts, short-shorts, and no clothing with any inappropriate images/statements. Bring enough clothing for three days.

    • Please bring a jacket, sweatshirt, or sweater. You will be indoors in Houston in the middle of summer, which means that it will be cold. Believe us. You will want something to keep you warm.

  • Clothing (Friday)

    • On Friday night you will be attending our Friday Night Social, our theme this year is Disney! We encourage you to bring an outfit for that theme (dressing up as your favorite character for example), but it isn't required. Be creative. Anything Disney-related (e.g., Pixar, Star Wars) will work!

  • Clothing (Saturday)

    • You may be outside for service project for a few hours so make sure that you are wearing appropriate/comfortable clothing, including closed-toe shoes (required).

  • Clothing (Sunday)​

    • Please bring a “Sunday Best”/business casual outfit for the closing ceremony on Sunday. You parents will be there. Make them proud.

  • Medication

    • Bring your prescription medications, as needed. You should have submitted a signed Medication Verification Form before arriving at the seminar. If not, you must bring it with you.

    • If you think that you might need over-the-counter medication (such as Tylenol and aspirin) please bring it with you, no form are required for these.

    • We will have a nurse on staff with us 24/7 to dispense prescription medications and handle medical emergencies.

  • Reusable Water Bottle

    • We will provide beverages throughout the weekend but we strongly recommend bringing a reusable water bottle so you can have a drink handy whenever you need it.

  • And lastly...

    • Lots of confidence, curiosity, and a big smile!!!


​That's it, really. No need to bring any fancy computers or electronic devices. In fact, keep them at home. You won't need them and we won't let you use them anyway. As long as you bring the items listed above, we promise you will have everything you need for an outstanding weekend!

Undies for Everyone Donation Drive

Every year at HOBY, we ask the ambassadors to bring items to donate to a specific organization or charity. This year’s organization is Undies for Everyone, which enhances the self-esteem, dignity, hygiene, and success of disadvantaged students by providing them clean underwear. They do this two ways:

Back to School Individual Distribution - Disadvantaged elementary and middle school students and their families attend a Undies for Everyone partner event where each child receives a bag with five pairs of underwear.

School Nurse Emergency Supply Distribution - Houston and Dallas area elementary and middle school nurses receive 150 pairs of emergency supply underwear per year. When a student has an accident, the nurse provides a “spare pair” and gets the student back to learning in the classroom and feeling good.

Please bring with you one new package of underwear in any of the following sizes to donate to Undies for Everyone: Girls, sizes 4-16 / Boys, sizes 4-XL (they are currently in need of all sizes, but there is a higher need for larger sizes).


Community Service Forms/Waivers

Every year, HOBY Texas Gulf Coast teams up with other organizations to provide community service activities for our ambassadors during the seminar. This year, we are happy to announce that we are working with Undies for Everyone, the Houston Food Bank, and The Mission Continues. The Undies for Everyone activity will occur at the University of Houston. The Houston Food Bank and The Mission Continues events will occur at other locations and both require our ambassadors to fill out a registration/waiver form. All ambassadors are required to complete both forms which are attached to the email containing these instructions. Please complete these forms and take a photo of the completed forms and email them to by May 31st for confirmation and bring these forms with you to seminar as well to turn in at time of check-in.


HOBY Store Sneak Preview

During the seminar, you will have the option of purchasing an array of HOBY-branded gear. Some HOBY Store items include:

  • Hats

  • Laptop/Bumper Stickers

  • Travel Mugs

  • HOBY T-Shirts  

  • Sunglasses  

  • Water Bottles  

  • ...and more!

HOBY TGC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Proceeds from the HOBY Store help to pay for expenses for the seminar!

Parents Program/Closing Ceremony and Pick-Up

Your parents are invited to attend our Parents Program and Closing Ceremonies on the morning of Sunday, June 9, prior to pick-up time. Parents should arrive and be seated in the Houston Room of the University of Houston Student Center no later than 10:00 a.m. Space is limited so we ask that each ambassador invite a maximum of 2 guests. The Parents Program will begin promptly at 10:15 a.m., followed by the Closing Ceremonies.

Parents should park in the University of Houston Welcome Center Garage ($5 parking fee). If they are attending the Parents Program and Closing Ceremonies, parents should walk from the garage to the Student Center. See map on last page of this packet.


Following the Closing Ceremony, ambassadors will walk back to Moody Towers to retrieve their luggage. Ambassadors will then be dismissed with their luggage and released to their families at approximately 12:30 p.m. We recommend that ambassadors meet their parents in the Welcome Center Parking Garage, where their parents should have parked. This will allow ambassadors and families to depart campus directly from the parking garage.


Final Comments

Around two weeks prior to the seminar, all ambassadors will receive a phone call from their designated Team Facilitator or a Senior HOBY Volunteer with other last-minute details and information. If you haven’t heard from a Facilitator by Friday, May 31, please contact us.

One last reminder: Get plenty of sleep on Thursday night! We have a full schedule planned for the weekend and you will need your energy for HOBY!


We are looking forward to meeting all of you and having an OUTSTANDING seminar!

Driving Directions

Driving Directions to University of Houston for Drop-off/Check-in

From I-45 N:

  1. Take exit 44A toward Elgin – Lockwood/Cullen Blvd

  2. Turn Left onto Ernestine.

  3. Continue onto S Lockwood Dr.

  4. Use left 2 lanes to turn left onto TX-5 Spur S

  5. Turn right on University Drive.

  6. Turn left on Calhoun.

  7. Moody Towers is on the right hand side of the street after you have passed the Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management.


From I-45 S:

  1. Take exit 44B for TX-5 Spur S

  2. Turn right on University Dr.

  3. Turn left on Calhoun.

  4. Moody Towers is on the right hand side of the street after you have passed the Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management.


Use the driveway for drop off only.  Please do NOT park in the driveway. If you need to park, you may use the Welcome Center Parking Garage (fee to park) on Calhoun Rd.

Once you enter the campus, there will be HOBY signs and volunteers to greet you and direct you!

Drop-off directions to Moody Towers:

Drop-off directions to Moody Towers.png
Semiar Check-In
Room Key Deposit
Ambassador Availability
Packing List
Donation Drive
HOBY Store
Closing Ceremony/Pick-Up
Final Comments
Driving Directions

Closing Ceremony/Pick-up directions:

Closing Ceremony_Pick-up directions.png
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