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2019 Registration

Frequently asked questions

1. I accidentally deleted the email with the Pre-Seminar Forms info!  Where can I find it?

Pre-Seminar Forms information (and links) are included here:  Pre-Seminar Forms

2. I completed the forms, but I’m not sure if they went through.  How can I verify?

Email our Director of Recruitment, who can verify whether we have the form information or not.

3. I think that I made a mistake in the forms.  How can I fix it?

Contact our Director of Recruitment with the correct information and she can manually update the information.

4. When are the forms due?

ALL pre-seminar forms (electronic forms, Volunteer Waiver, Medication form) are due May 10, 2019.

seminar faqS

1. Where can I find more specific information on the HOBY seminar?

The last minute packet of information that includes maps and directions to the University of Houston Main Campus, a packing list and dress code, and plenty of other details can be found here.

2. Will I hear from HOBY before the seminar?

Each ambassador will receive a phone call from their adult team facilitator by the end of May. Your team facilitator can help answer specific questions about the weekend.

3. When do I need to be at HOBY?

Check-in at the seminar is the morning of Friday, June 15. Check-out is after the closing awards ceremony (around lunchtime) on Sunday, June 9. Specific times and directions for where to drop off students will be included in the last minute packet.

4. Is there a parents program that I/my parents can attend?

There will a parents program and awards ceremony on Sunday, June 9. Details on location and timing will be in the last minute packet.

5. I/my student have another obligation during the weekend. Can they leave and come back?

No. Because we pack so many activities into the weekend, it is required that your student attends the entire HOBY event.

6. I really want my student to attend HOBY, but he/she wasn’t selected by the school.  Can I send them anyway?

Yes. You can apply for the HOBY Community Nomination Program through​ the HOBY International website. You will be responsible for paying the $395 registration fee if your student is accepted.


7. Who can I contact if I have other questions?

Please contact Texas Gulf Coast chapter Leadership Seminar Chair, Dave Rubin, at

Additional FAQs (included in the Pre-Seminar Forms) can be found here.

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