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Gift-in-kind Donations

Both at the seminar and throughout the year, there are many different items that we need to help host our annual seminar.  If you would prefer to make a gift-in-kind donation instead of a cash donation, there are many ways for you to make a contribution.

The following is our current gift-in-kind wish list.  If you can help out by donating any of the following items, please let us know! If you think you have a great idea that's not listed, we'd love to hear about it!


Contact our Corporate Board President at

gift-in-kind donation wish list
  • Storage Space

    • For “HOBY Garage” – i.e. all of our supplies for running the seminar.

  • Printing Services

    • Seminar Program Book

    • Promotional Mailings

    • Fundraising Flyers

    • Seminar Worksheets

    • Nametags

    • Ambassador & Volunteer Certificates

    • Photo Printing

  • Seminar T-Shirts

    • Enough for ~230 ambassadors and ~75 volunteers

  • Name Tags

    • Lanyards + plastic badge holders

  • Transportation to off-site projects

  • Meals/Snacks/Drinks

    • 2 meals to feed ~300 people

    • 1 dinner to feed ~75 volunteers

    • Multiple snacks to feed ~300 people

    • Drinks (water, tea, soda, gatorade, etc) for ~300 people

    • ALL food must be pre-packaged and/or prepared in a professional kitchen

  • Posters/Signs

    • Posterboard + markers

    • Pre-made “HOBY TGC” signs

  • Seminar Welcome Bags

    • Totes/Drawstring/Backpacks for ~230 students

  • Writing Utensils

    • Pens or Pencils for ~230 ambassadors

  • …and much more!

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