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Leadership Seminar Registration

There are two ways to register a student for the HOBY TGC leadership seminar:

1. Through a School or Organization

If you represent a school or an organization, you can register students through the HOBY registration site, you will need your school ID and password; please let us know if you need assistance. Each school or organization can register up to 3 students.

The registration fee for each student being sponsored by a school or organization for the 2024 Leadership Seminar is $350. If your school or organization is unable to pay the registration fee, we encourage you to contact us. We can provide you with ideas on how to raise the funds, such as sharing the cost with the student's parents and/or work with a 3rd party or cooperating organization (e.g., Lions Clubs and Rotary Clubs) in your area to fund the registration fee. Our goal is to not let financial ability hinder a student from experience a HOBY leadership seminar. 

For any additional questions and/or concerns, please contact the HOBY TGC Director of Recruitment at

​2. Registration via the HOBY Community Nomination Program

HOBY Texas Gulf Coast accepts student registrations via the HOBY Community Nomination Program, which allows students to register for the seminar without the involvement of a school or organization. 

Students interested in the Community Nomination Program can find more information about it on the HOBY International website ( The registration fee for each student registered through the Community Nomination Program is $350. If you have questions regarding this program, please contact the HOBY International Registration team at

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