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The 2020 HOBY Texas Gulf Coast Seminar will be held June 20-21, 2020, VIRTUALLY! We are looking forward to an OUTSTANDING seminar with students from throughout the upper Texas Gulf Coast region. We expect over 215 ambassadors from throughout the region to represent their schools during the weekend.

If you need assistance registering your student for the 2020 seminar, please contact us at:

Registration faqS

1. How do I register a student?

You can register students online at  You will need to know your school id and password in order to register.  If you need that information, please contact

2. Where can I find the Sophomore Registration Kit?

The HOBY Registration Kit can be downloaded here:


3. How many students can I register?

We are allowing schools to register up to 3 students.

4. How much does it cost?

The cost for the first student is $225.  The cost for the second and third students is $395 each.

5. Who pays the registration fee?

Typically the schools directly pay for the student registrations.  However, some schools do not have the budget to send a student and request that the parents pay instead.  And further still, some schools work with a 3rd party or cooperating organization to fund the student registrations.  


If you are interested in registering a student but unsure if you have the budget available, please contact us. We can provide you contacts to cooperating organizations (Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, etc.) in your area as well as additional ideas for fundraising to help ensure that your student experiences HOBY.

6. When is the registration fee due?

Technically the student’s registration is not finalized until the registration fee is processed.  We know that sometimes it takes a while for the school to finalize payment, so please do this as soon as possible.  If you expect that it will take some time for you to be able to pay the registration fee in full, please contact us so that we can be aware of your particular situation.


Audri Reyna

Director of Recruiting


Dave Rubin

Leadership Seminar Chairperson

(281) 685-1295


Megan Sip

HOBY TGC Corporate Board President

(281) 816-6498 (cell)

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership — Texas Gulf Coast Seminar
P.O. Box 590928
Houston, TX 77259

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