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Junior Staff applications for the HOBY TGC 2024 seminar are now open! Apply today here!


Junior Staff Volunteers (under 21)

Did you know that HOBY Texas Gulf Coast is 100% volunteer-run?  That’s right – it is through the efforts of motivated volunteers that we are able to provide an OUSTANDING experience for our seminar participants.

Every year, 70+ volunteers help to put on the seminar for 200+ sophomore students and that includes our OUTSTANDING junior staff team!

To apply for the 2024 Junior Staff team, you must be a HOBY alumnus and under 21. To learn more about being a Junior Staff volunteer, please contact our Director(s) of Junior Staff at or start your application here.

Junior Staff Opportunities

At The Seminar

Junior Facilitators

Assigned to a team of 8-10 student ambassadors through the weekend to help facilitate discussions with a facilitator (21+).

Junior Operations

Helps with everything "behind the scenes." In person, this role helps set up meals, activities and technology aspects of the seminar. Virtually, this role helps with tech support for our ambassadors as well as dropping in on groups so our ambassadors can meet more staff members!


Other Junior Staff opportunities

Any under 21 alumni are welcome to find their own ways to contribute to the HOBY TGC seminar. Whether it's organizing events with the alumni association, attending planning meetings or helping with the website, there are plenty of ways to use your skillset to help our ambassadors have a great seminar!

Want to learn more? Have an idea? Reach out to or

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