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Surprise your OUTSTANDING Student-Ambassador with a personal message

HOBY is a unique experience for your student-ambassador. Over the course of our 3-day seminar, your student will create strong relationships with their teammates and over 200 other HOBY student-ambassadors while learning skills and strategies to help them grow their leadership skills. Show your support of your student-ambassador and their HOBY experience with a personal message in the HOBY TGC program book.

The program book is a key resource used by all of the student-ambassadors, volunteers, and various community leaders that join us throughout the weekend and each student-ambassador will take theirs home.  The addition of a message written by you will make the book much more personal.

If you have questions about this opportunity, please feel free to email Megan Sip, the HOBY Texas Gulf Coast chapter Corporate Board President, and ask. If you're ready to send your student a surprise message in our HOBY TGC program book, you can use the button below to select the size of the message you'd like to send and make your purchase. Once your purchase is confirmed, I'll contact you to confirm all the details of your message.
The deadline for submitting your message is 10 a.m. Monday, June 3rd. 

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