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HOBY Seminar Packing List

Read below for information on what to bring with you to the seminar. Or download  a printable version here.

​For Your Room

  • Room Key Deposit

    • Please bring $30 in cash or check in an envelope labeled with your name + high school. 

  • Bedding

    • We supply the bed and mattress, you bring the rest. We recommend twin-size sheets and blanket or a sleeping bag. Don't forget your pillow!

  • Towel(s) & washcloth

    • No explanation needed.

  • ​Personal Toiletries

    • Whatever it takes to keep you feeling your freshest throughout the weekend (e.g., shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, personal care products).

  • Alarm Clock

    • Do people still have actual alarm clocks? The alarm app on your phone will work too. Wouldn't you rather wake up to some pleasant music and not the sound of us knocking on your door?

For The Activities

  • Self-addressed, stamped envelope

    • This will be used during one of our activities (but we can't tell you how just yet).

  • Paper/notebook, pens, pencils​

    • Handy for note taking, idea sharing, and general doodling.​

  • Sunscreen and bug repellent

    • It will be summer in Houston and you will be outside at some point. Need we say more? 

  • Spending money

    • Not required, but recommended. Consider bringing around $35 for optional expenses such as a group photo ($10) and great HOBY Store merchandise.

  • Underwear

    • Yes, really. One of the service organizations we team up with is Undies for Everyone. ​​We ask that every ambassador bring a pack of unused child-sized underwear. During the seminar, you may be involved in an activity to benefit this great organization.

For You

  • Clothing - General

    • We want you to be comfortable throughout the seminar so we have a summer casual dress code. Just not too casual. No tank tops, mid-drift shirts, short-shorts, and no clothing with any inappropriate images/statements. Bring enough clothing for three days.

    • Jacket/sweatshirt/sweater - You will be indoors in Houston in the middle of summer, which means that it will be cold. Believe us. You will want something to keep you warm.

  • Clothing - Friday

    • ​On Friday night you will be attending our Friday Night Social, which has a theme we will tell you about in our Last Minute Instructions. We encourage you to bring an outfit for that theme, but it isn't required.

  • Clothing - Saturday

    • You may be outside for service project for a few hours so make sure that you are wearing appropriate/comfortable clothing, including closed-toe shoes.

  • Clothing - ​Sunday

    • ​Please bring a “Sunday Best”/business casual outfit for the closing ceremony on Sunday. You parents will be there. Make them proud.
  • ​​Medication
    • Prescription medication, as needed. Should have submitted a signed Medication Verification Form before arriving at the seminar. If not, you m ust bring it with you.

    • Over-the-counter medication (such as Tylenol, aspirin). We will not be able to provide you with this medication over the weekend. If you think that you might need it, bring it with you.

  • Re-usable water bottle

    • We will provide beverages throughout the weekend but we strongly recommend bringing a re-usable water bottle so you can have a drink handy whenever you need it.

  • And lastly...

    • Lots of confidence, curiosity, and a big smile!!

That's it, really. No need to bring any fancy computers or electronic devices. In fact, keep them at home. You won't need them and we won't let you use them anyway. As long as you bring the items listed above, we promise you will have everything you need for an outstanding weekend!

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