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The HOBY Texas Gulf Chapter Leadership Seminar weekend is right around the corner! We have a great program lined up for you this year. Our program will challenge you, entertain you, make you think – and open your heart and mind to the world around you. We want you to succeed in becoming the leader that we know you are! With everything that we have planned for you, we guarantee you’ll have fun, too!

Please make sure your registration fee is completely paid and ALL paperwork and forms are submitted before June 8! Contact Caroline Matlock ( to confirm that you are in good standing if you are uncertain.

Seminar Start

The seminar begins at 9am CT on Friday, June 11. Please log in to the seminar per the instruction that will be provided to you on time. Any computer or mobile device can be used.

Ambassador Availability During the Seminar

We want our ambassadors fully engaged in the seminar so we encourage them to sit somewhere with minimal distractions. They will be provided with breaks throughout the seminar.  

Dress Code
  • We want you to be comfortable throughout the seminar so we have a summer casual dress code. Just not too casual. No tank tops, mid-drift shirts, short-shorts, and no clothing with any inappropriate images/statements.

We are looking forward to meeting all of you and having an OUTSTANDING seminar!

Drop-off directions to Moody Towers.png
Semiar Check-In
Room Key Deposit
Ambassador Availability
Packing List
Donation Drive
HOBY Store
Closing Ceremony/Pick-Up
Final Comments
Driving Directions

Closing Ceremony/Pick-up directions:

Closing Ceremony_Pick-up directions.png
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